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With our app we relieve nurses in documentation, planning and evaluation and support your team in cooperation and in strengthening your clients.

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Nurse has less stress with documentation and planning with CoopCare


Simplified care documentation and care planning

We rely on the Omaha System because it helps you to describe care settings briefly, precisely and at the same time individually with selection lists and text modules. This leaves you more time for the relationships to your clients while enabling the team to learn from each other's documented experience.

Nurse helps client to achieve goals for health and autonomy with CoopCare


Promoting autonomy and well-being for recipients of care

We want to support you systematically to improve or maintain the independence and health of your clients. You will see progress and regressions at a glance, enabling you to check the effectiveness of care interventions and adapt them to your client's needs.

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We are currently testing and improving the app until the release of the first version. If you would already like to use it productively and contribute with your feedback to the improvement, please contact us directly to participate in our beta test phase.

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Healthcare professionals plan together or talk about documentation with CoopCare


Self-organisation for care teams and a holistic approach

We want to simplify handovers and exchange of information with colleagues about care settings for you, making all important information immediately and clearly recognizable. Our collaborative app is specifically designed for teamwork to encourage collaboration rather than hierarchy.

Nurses and software developers talk about improving the app CoopCare


Listening to the needs of nurses and an intuitive user interface

We want to think and develop CoopCare from the perspective of care professionals, to make the app super useful and easy to use in everyday care. Therefore your feedback is essential and will motivate us to increasingly adapt the app to the needs of care workers.





Data Protection

Data Protection

Open Source

Open Source

Frequently Asked Questions

The Omaha System is a classification system for the entire care process, including nursing diagnoses, targets, planning, intervention and evaluation. It offers a flexible, multi-disciplinary approach and is therefore suitable for a wide range of nursing professions. It consists of three components or schemes that are applied in a six-phase nursing process:

  1. The Problem Classification Scheme is used to collect and assess information and to state the problem
  2. The Intervention Scheme documents the care activities and helps to plan care and to intervene.
  3. the Problem Rating Scale for Outcomes uses regular ratings throughout the period of service to evaluate client progress, in order to review the effectiveness of the care provided and to adjust it if necessary.

The effectiveness and reliability of the Omaha System has been examined and confirmed in several scientific studies. Its terms, definitions and codes exist in the public domain, therefore it can be used without license fees. It was developed between 1975 and 1993 on the initiative of the Visiting Nurse Association of Omaha.

A detailed explanation on how to use the Omaha System with several case studies can be found on the official website of the Omaha System.

In the first phase, we focused on care documentation, care planning, evaluation and community care for teams using the Omaha System. Next, we are working on integrating other important features into the app that are currently missing. These include:

  • billing with payers
  • planning duty rosters, tour plans and absences
  • concise data analysis as useful insights for nursing teams
  • release of the app for Android, iOS, iPadOS, Windows, macOS and Linux

We strive to consistently implement self-organization, wholeness and purpose in our own work methods as well. For the further development and operation of CoopCare, we want to set up a cooperative; in other words a company that is jointly owned and democratically self-governed by the employees.

We plan to provide the app and servers to securely exchange data between devices, along with support as a service for a monthly fee.
At the moment we are not yet able to give any details about the amount. We want to find a pricing model that is both affordable and fair for care providers, while also financially ensuring CoopCare’s reliable operation and continued development.

At the same time we publish the source code of CoopCare under the open source license AGPL. We want to foster a culture of cooperation, transparency and innovation, so that everyone can review the source code of the software and contribute to its improvement if desired.

In addition, it is possible to order specific extensions of the software. Please contact us for your request.

No. Although we have focused on the requirements of home care services until now, the Omaha System is versatile enough to be used in many areas of care work: it can be used for all forms of nursing, midwifery, social work or community health care, just to name a few.

You can try our demo version to find out whether CoopCare also fits your professional domain. If you miss important features, we are curious to learn from your feedback and the requirements of your domain.

The CoopCare user interface is currently translated into English and German. At the same time, we depend on the availability of an official translation of the Omaha System for each language. We are looking forward to cooperations and contacts to promote the translation into further languages!


Do you have any questions, would you like to give us suggestions or feedback, participate in our beta testing phase or just say hello?
Feel free to write us, we are looking forward to your message!



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